Vision & Goals

Our Mission

The National Society of Allied Health (NSAH) is the official voice for Historically Black Colleges and Universities with schools or programs of allied health, providing a forum for faculty, students, and practitioner development. The NSAH networks and collaborates with other organizations that address health issues that affect the African American communities through education, research, practice, and service delivery.

Our Vision

The National Society of Allied Health (NSAH) is a premiere, self-sustaining organization that is a repository for information on allied health programs in historically black colleges and universities. The NSAH will be recognized nationally and internationally for its role in addressing health disparities in education, professional development and health care delivery in African American communities through advocacy, policy development, research and dynamic interventions.


  • To develop allied health leaders with expertise in education, administration, advocacy, research, practice and service delivery.
  • To promote student development in leadership for NSAH and other professional organizations.
  • To improve the financial standing of the NSAH in order to maintain self- sufficiency.
  • Serve as an advocate for allied health education, research, practice and service in African American communities.